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I Walked New York City's Soldiers and Sailors Monument

The 95 foot tall white marble Soldiers and Sailors Monument was an addition to this area in 1902. It was dedicated on Memorial Day in honor of those New Yorkers who had dedicated their lives and fought so gallantly as part of the US Civil War. Originally New York did not have any serious plans or consideration for a Civil War monument until 1893 when it formed an association to begin to research the possibility. The committee held a public competition for the design of a memorial to be erected at the site of the Pulitzer Fountain over on the southeast corner of Central Park. This plan was later abandoned and the site was reconsidered to the current locale on the edge of Riverside Park. The winning design which was selected was titled, “Temple of Fame” and by Charles and Arthur Stoughton. The ornamentation which is so rich across the monument was actually done by the same man who designed the Ansonia hotel over on Broadway.

To describe the monument it largely resembles the famous Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens. This original Athens monument was created in approximately 355 B.C. and funded by a choregos (or public sponsor of theater) to award to the top performer. If you are familiar with the San Remo on Central Park West you may also recognize the shape and design as that situated atop each of its twin towers.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

The rounded marble structure consists of twelve Corinthian pillars atop a large base and with a highly ornamented crown atop it. On this crown are a number of intricately carved eagles. Each of the pillars below contains the names of the New York regiments which fought in the Civl War and the battles they fought in.

Entrance to the interior of the monument is guarded via a large bronze door protected by a sculpted Gryffindor or monkey with wings. Visitors used to be able to enter the monument at all times but are now only open once annually at the Open house New York.

  • Website:
  • Address: Intersection of Riverside Drive & West 89th Street (on the west side of Riverside Drive just inside of Riverside Park), New York City
  • Cost: Free

I Walked New York City's 15 Central Park West

The building at number 15 Central Park West is a 2007 addition to this area, making it one of the newest additions. It consists of two limestone towers situated one in front of the other. The shorter 20-story tower and taller 43-story tower, although appearing to be attached, are actually separated via a courtyard.

Apartments for this building currently run from about $6 million for a 2-bedroom to $55 million for a 5-bedroom. Amenities include a 75-foot swimming pool and 20-person theater. Tenants for this locale have included Alex Rodriguez, Sting, Bob Costas and Denzel Washington.

15 Central Park West

Prior to construction of this latest structure this site was formerly occupied by a 1926 Neo-Renaissance building known as the Mayflower Hotel. Movie buffs may have recalled this address from the 1994 film Wolf starring Jack Nicholson. The Mayflower was where Jack’s character, Will Randall, checked into after his job demotion.
The Mayflower was shut down and eventually demolished in 2004.

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  • Address: 15 Central Park West, New York City, NY
  • Cost: Free.

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The Falconer Central Park New York City

Located just south of Strawberry Fields is a bronze sculpture perched atop a rocky cliff known as The Falconer. The male figure holds his right arm in a crook while his left arm extends for the graceful falcon with extended wings to land atop his fingers.

The Falconer was dedicated on May 31, 1875 after being commissioned by an Irish merchant who lived in New York City, George Kemp. Kemp commissioned British sculptor George Blackall Simonds to create a replica of a similar statue that Simonds had done that resided in Trieste, Italy. Simonds, an avid falconer himself, hailed from Reading, England where he was declared by the Reading Borough Library system as the winner of their 2005 ‘Great People of Reading’ poll. Simonds had this statue cast in Florence, Italy by Clemente Papi and a second replica was later cast to reside in Lynch Park (Beverly, Massachusetts).

The Falconer Central Park New York City

Despite its rather isolated location atop a series of rocks, the Falconer has been the subject of multiple incidents of vandalism and wear-and-tear over the years. In 1937, the sculpture was feared to possibly fall off its perch and had to be restabilized. Twenty years later in 1957, the sculpture was the victim of vandalism inclusive of its falcon being stolen. A replacement falcon was added that year. Then, in 1982, another falcon had to be recast along with The Falconer’s left arm for replacement. Since then, the statue has thankfully had a more peaceful existence in the park. The sculpture was most recently restored and cleaned in 1995.

  • Website:
  • Address: Central Park, New York City, NY (Mid-Park, South of 72nd Street)
  • Cost: Free

I Walked Restaurant Pick - Legal Sea Food

Ironically located across the street from the New England Aquarium is one of the most popular seafood restaurant chains in Boston—Legal Sea Food. Legal is the de facto standard for seafood recommendations by locals, perhaps because of its central proximity downtown, or perhaps for its well known clam chowder. It is said that their clam chowder has been served at every presidential inauguration since 1981.

Legal Sea Food

Legal’s roots actually began in nearby Inman Square in Cambridge in 1950. It was during this time that George Berkowitz began running a fish market next door to his father’s grocery store, Legal Cash Market. The store derived its name because it provided customers with green stamps with every purchase which were called “Legal Stamps.” The seafood market took off and a restaurant was later added in 1968 at the same location.  Fast forward to the present and the restaurant has now spawned to approximately 30 locations across New England where it continues to serve customers with a wide-selection of fresh fish. After all, as their slogan attests, “If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t Legal.”

  • Website:
  • Address/Phone: 255 State Street, Boston. (617) 742-5300
  • Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

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The Gates in Central Park New York City

When Central Park was being designed, much debate occurred as to the appearance of the entrances leading into and out of the park. A large series of proponents encouraged highly ornate gates such as those common to the grand parks of European cities like Paris and London. One vocal advocate for the European-style gates was the man who designed the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty, Richard M. Hunt. Hunt proposed ornate gates along the park’s southern edge that would lead into a landscaped plaza with a decorative fountain and curved stairway (similar to that of Bethesda Terrace).

Central Park designers Olmsted and Vaux fought the arguments for ornate gates and instead implemented a series of low sandstone walls. The walls would stand on each side of the park’s eighteen original entrances and be given a name descriptive of the city of New York and its citizens. Although many of the entrances would not carry their formal names etched into the walled entrances, this was rectified in the 1990s when the city added names to all park entrances.

Central Park Gates

The eighteen original gates that led into and out of Central Park (and their general location) were:

  1. Artisans’ Gate – Central Park South / Sixth Avenue
  2. Artists’ Gate – Central Park South / Seventh Avenue
  3. Boys’ Gate – Central Park West / W. 100th Street
  4. Childrens’ Gate – Fifth Avenue / E. 64th Street
  5. Engineers’ Gate – Fifth Avenue / E. 90th Street
  6. Farmers’ Gate – Central Park North / Malcolm X Boulevard
  7. Girls’ Gate – Fifth Avenue / E. 102nd Street
  8. The Gate of All Saints – Central Park West / W. 96th Street
  9. Hunters’ Gate – Central Park West / W. 81st Street
  10. Mariners’ Gate – Central Park West / W. 85th Street
  11. Merchants’ Gate – Columbus Circle
  12. Miners’ Gate – Fifth Avenue / E. 79th Street
  13. Pioneers’ Gate – Fifth Avenue / E. 110th Street
  14. Scholars’ Gate – Fifth Avenue / E. 60th Street
  15. Strangers’ Gate – Central Park West / W. 106th Street
  16. Warriors’ Gate – Central Park North / Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
  17. Women’s Gate – Central Park West / W. 72nd Street
  18. Woodmen’s Gate – Fifth Avenue / E. 96th Street

Three later gates were added that were not named as per Vaux and Olmsted’s original naming convention. One of these is Naturalist Gate which is located near Central Park West and W. 77th Street. Another is the aptly named 76th Street Gate located along Fifth Avenue. This was a later addition by Park Commissioner Robert Moses who chose not to follow the proviso laid by Vaux and Olmsted in adhering to their naming convention. Lastly the Inventors’ Gate at Fifth Avenue and E. 72nd Street was oddly named Children’s Gate (one of the original names), and then later redubbed to its current name in the 1950s.

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  • Address: Central Park, New York City, NY
  • Cost: Free

Golf Courses in South Dakota and History of Dakota

Golf Courses in South Dakota

If you are looking for a golf course in south dakota, below are some of the best recommendations for you. Golf is very fun especially if the weather is very good

  1. Sutton Bay G. Cse., 
  2. The G.C. At Red Rock, Rapid City 
  3. Dakota Dunes C.C.
  4. Minnehaha C.C., Sioux Falls
  5. Hart Ranch G. Cse., Rapid City

History of Dakota

The Dakota was the vision of a developer by the name of Edward Clarke, founder of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. When Mr. Clarke expressed his interest and desire to construct a high-end luxury apartment as far north as 72nd Street in 1880, many mocked him and claimed the no one would want to live in the outskirts of New York City at the time. Reportedly these mocking jests included the comment, “he might as well build it in the Dakotas.” Clarke took the criticism in stride, however, and in response even named his new project, The Dakota.

The Dakota was designed by architect Henry J. Hardenberg, who was well known already for his designs of the Plaza Hotel located along the south side of Central Park and the original Waldorf-Astoria building. Construction began on the nine-story hotel on October 25, 1880 was completed almost four years later to the day (October 27). The completed structure was castle-like in appearance with walls that could have sustained a battering ram attack (seeing as they were built 28 inches thick). The façade is covered in a beige brick highlighted via darker stones around the corners and windows and features high gables. When the building opened in 1884 it featured 65 apartments of four to twenty rooms each, all of which were built to be unique and were rented immediately. In addition, one other element the newly unveiled Dakota contained was a stable. Ironically, the sales deed for the neighboring Langham (sold by the aforementioned Mr. Clarke) forbid one. This stable has since been transformed into a more modern stable which now houses parked cars.

Long considered the most prestigious address along Central Park West, the Dakota has obviously had its share of famous residents both past and present. Well known tenants have included the likes of Leonard Bernstein, Connie Chung, Paul Simon, John Madden, Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland and Boris Karloff. Boris, who passed away in 1969, is said to still frequent the hotel as his ghost continues to appear on occasion.

The Dakota is known as having the strictest of all approval boards and has frequently rejected celebrity tenants. Gene Simmons of Kiss was rejected in the late 1970s as was Billy Joel in 1977. More recently Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas were politely turned away.

The Dakota has been a celebrity itself on a few occasions, making appearances in some major films. In 1968, it served as the home to Mia Farrow’s character in the film Rosemary’s Baby. In 2001, the Dakota also played a prominent role in the Cameron Crowe thriller starring Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, Vanilla Sky.

Obviously, the most famous tenant to have lived and died here was former Beatle, John Lennon. John moved to the United States in 1971 and moved into a seven-floor apartment with his wife Yoko Ono (who still resides here). John and Yoko were known as protective parents who attempted to isolate themselves and five-year-old son, Sean. They, in fact, acquired a number of surrounding units from their apartment. In total they owned 2 units on the seventh floor and three others, primarily used for storage. One of these latter units sold in 2008 for $801,000.

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A Guide to Plan Your First Trip to Iceland

A Guide to Plan Your First Trip to Iceland

Icelandic is the reliable language of Iceland. But, English is extensively understood and spoken inside the USA.  So, first-time vacationers need not fear as a long manner as speech is worried. Located just south of the Arctic Circle, inside the North Atlantic Ocean, is Europe's maximum moderately populated nation, Iceland.  Rightly termed as 'the island of fire and ice', america functions a cute symphony of elemental powers.

Despite the fact that nearly one-third of Iceland is protected thru ice, pretty some volcanic pastime nonetheless continues there to create herbal geysers and warm springs in abundance.  But no matter such effective oddities of nature, the beauty of the island with no manner ceases to call forth the souls of visitors.  Ask Lonely Planet has stated, Iceland has that impact on humans―it turns brutes into pots, and skeptics into believers, and the gracious and secure and alluring nature of the Icelanders is a bonus of the magic that the area creates.

Carrying the rich bags of their extraordinary Viking past, the current-day generation of Icelanders have superior into an impartial and nationalistic creed, and have helped transform Iceland proper right into a more social and technologically advancecountryte.
The current excessive requirements of living inside the u . S . A . Do make it a high priced vacation spot for tourists, however, whilst you are there, Iceland will maintain you longing for extra capital.

Iceland for First-timers

Be it actually relaxing in a geothermal lagoon, an adventurous glacial trek, or tenting out in a quiet night time to revel in the magic of the Aurora Borealis or the Midnight Sun, Iceland will overwhelm you on lots of social features.  If you are planning to tour to this Nordic paradise for the number one time, this Buzzle guide will assist you endorse a trouble-free adventure.

The Icelandic Climate

The weather in Iceland is unusually risky and unpredictable, so much in order that a beautiful, colourful, sunny day may additionally moreover  turn out to be stupid, wet, and depressing in only a be counted of hours.  Weather shifts seem so abruptly and all of a sudden that one may additionally get to experience all four seasons in most effective a unmarried day.

Iceland receives constant rainfall at somphasege in the yr; but, from September to May as temperatures drop underneath freezing, rain falls inside the shape of snow.
It rains the most among October and February, and the least in the months of May and June.

The areas that acquire most rainfall are located within the america of the united states's southern and western coasts. On the other hand, the northern and the japanese coasts are drier, or maybe masses chilly all through wintry weather.

Neighborhoodsns, which enjoy geothermal activity are manifestly a great deal hotter than those which might be extra hills and are surrounded by way of ice caps.

Spring is the best time to go to

Off-season Travelers, watch out! !Only those people, who can stick out the chill of the northern European wintry climate should choose to excursion in the low season.  While it's far an extraordinary time to tour for price range travelers, do no longer underestimate the Icelandic iciness for saving a couple of dollars. ✦ The pinnacle tourist season falls amongst past due May to early September. This is the summer time within the USA, and sooner or later of the primary half of of this era, as lots as mid-July, the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun may be witnessed.  This technique that the Sun does no longer seem to sit down in any respect, and there may be a harmonious and subtle interaction of light and coloration at the usa's numerous landscapes.

From midsummer time onwards, temperatures begin tdischargeop slowly, and the sky begins getting cloudy. Moreover, the nights moreover start getting chillier and more retentive. Winter lasts from about early August to early late March, and it's far the so-referred to as low season to visit Iceland.  Characterized by means of pretty lengthy nights with handiest 4 to 5 hours of daylight, the Icelandic wintry weather boasts of large frozen expanses of stable floor and water, and the dramatic show of the Aurora Borealis within the smooth skies.

The months of April, May, September, and October represent the shoulder season travel tote Iceland.
For the ones looking to get away the crowds, however no longer wishing to compromise masses with the weather, this is the quality time to excursion; but, it desires to be adverted to that Iceland may be inaccessible at some point of this period.

It is vain to say that Iceland, like most exclusive locations, is crowded with tourists inside the height season, way to which, resorts and airfares additionally have a tendency to be high priced in the course of this time. So, if you plan to visit throughout the excessive season, it is recommended to e book properly earlier to advantage the super feasible gives.

In the off-season, many vacationer centers, outdoor Reykjavík, Iceland's capital, shut the shop, resulting from oppose weather.  The vacationer influx also tends to vanish out, with a few opting to excursion for the duration of this fourth measurement.  Airlines, lodges, car rental organizations, and subsequently on., cut returned their commissions, and there aren't any crowds at famous points of hobby.

Despite the hard climatic situations, people from thglobeld over are an growing quantity of choosing to excursion to Iceland inside the low season.
While maximum sports at a few degree at some point of this time are focused around Reykjavík, numerous different sports are also coming to the forefront of late, which include argon-united states of america snowboarding, glacier snowmobiling, canine sledding, and aurora tours.

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Mission Trips to Africa, Alternative Holiday Destination

Mission Trips to Africa is mostly done by travelers who love to circumnavigate the world to look for holiday destinations and new experiences. They love new challenges and the atmosphere of other countries or regions to satisfy themselves. Mission Trips to Africa many travelers selected. They really enjoy their Mission Trips to Africa because of them, a holiday in Africa gives its own impression compared to other countries.

Mission Trips to Africa is something that many travelers from various ends of the world want to dream about. They greatly admire Africa because the area is known as the majority of blacks, but the people are friendly and the cost is very cheap. In the discussion in this article, we will review about Mission trips to Africa, so for you travelers, we hope this article can provide input for you to place your next vacation destination.

Mission Trips to Africa
Mission Trips to Africa | image : pixabay

Mission Trips to Africa cost

Mission Trips to Africa cost - In our opinion, what we get from various reviews and sources of internet in doing Mission Trips to Africa does not cost much as if you are on holiday to a country other than Africa. The price of goods there is relatively cheap. In fact, we had read a review from someone that the price of wine, there is only 10$ per bottle, but the quality is not inferior to the quality of wine in Europe. That's very cheap, is not it? You can enjoy Mission Trips to Africa while shopping for souvenirs of your family and friends in your hometown. It is inappropriate if you do not bring a lot of gifts for them. Various products sold in Africa are cheap, but you need to remember that cheap is not necessarily cheap. In fact, Mission Trips to Africa cost to travel to Cradle of Civilization's most expensive tour costs only about 3000 $.

Unlike travel to Europe, the most expensive cost can reach 50 million rupiah. On Mission trips to Africa, you can visit various holiday destinations in Africa such as Alamo Rock, Freedom Park Lagos, Fort Jesus in Mombasa (Jesus' largest castle in the world), Masai Mara National Reserv (national park contains elephants, white tigers, and African specialties), and Fes (the most complete and cheapest souvenirs of the original works of the Fes people), etc.

Mission Trips to Africa Summer

Mission Trips to Africa Summer is the most fun holiday, but you need to get ready because Africa is a very hot area. Mission Trips to Africa Summer You may need plenty of sunscreen if you do not want your quiz to black. However, the hot sun in Africa is perfect for you the Caucasians who want to blacken the skin to look exotic without the need to wear sunscreen.

What do you think? Are you going to do Mission Trips to Africa Summer with your family? You have to think again so that later not regret. You do not underestimate the African country, although there is known as a hot country, dusty and rarely exposed to rain let alone snow, but there is a very enjoyable destination, especially for those of you who like nature tours or outdoor tours that are able to test the adrenaline and physical strength of your body

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Illinois River Float Trip : Give You A Special Trip

Are you interested in the Illinois river float trip? But, did you know about Illinois River? The Illinois River is a river located in the United States, more precisely in the state of Illinois. It is an important tributary of the Mississippi River. The length of the river is about 439 km.

The upstream of this river is in northeastern Illinois, near the city of Joliet. The current flows east across Illinois, then southeast. Across the town of Peoria, the largest city that the river has crossed. It flows to southwest of Illinois. Then join the Mississippi River 40 km north of Saint Louis, Missouri.

You need to know, this river is used as a means of transport by Native Americans and is also used by early French trappers. An important route between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. In the 19th century, a canal was built that connects Lake Michigan. Now the big ship used the canal to go from the big lakes to the Mississippi River.

Available channels can penetrate the city of Chicago. That is one of the reasons why Chicago is a big city. The winding Illinois River through Cookson Ridge in northeastern Oklahoma and is the 60 miles high waterway, is very beautiful. The Ilinois River cuts off steep and rocky cliffs, creating a stunning sight for visitors to the Ilinois river float trip. Illinois river float trip Oklahoma is a very pleasant travel destination and test your adrenaline.

How not, the Illinois River that cut the steep and rocky cliffs create a very challenging and amazing sight for visitors. Short pine trees, hickory trees, sycamore, dogwood and Redbud also surround the Illinois river. Illinois river float trip Oklahoma provides a very beautiful natural attractions, a shady habitat for wildlife such as deer, foxes and all kinds of birds.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the Ilinois river float trip with your family. The opportunity to enjoy the Ilinois river float trip into this very beautiful landscape, especially in the part of the river that flows parallel to the SH-10 of the Northeast Tahlequah. The Illinois river float trip is the most popular way to experience the flow of the Illinois River.

You should enjoy the Ilinois river float trip Oklahoma by following the cool stream of water and just enjoying all that the Illinois River has to offer.

Illinois River Float Trip
Illinois River Float Trip |

Planning your Ilinois river float trip Oklahoma

There are various ways to enjoy the Ilinois river float trip Oklahoma. There are three options to make the trip, namely by using a canoe, kayak, or rubber rack. Generally, kayak more maneuverable and can accommodate one to two people. Kano is also easy to control and idea of three people. While the raft can be up to nine passengers.

As you know, the Memorial Day to Labor day is a busy and busy season for the Illinois River, when families and travelers flock to the Ilinois river float trip to cool off and escape the summer. If you have prepared your Ilinois river float trip Oklahoma, you should also prepare clothes that suit you. Most outfitters are along the river to offer lodging.

Includes Ilinois river float trip cabins. Illinois river float trip cabins that they offer fairly comfortable, has a campsite as well, as well as other facilities such as emergency health and swimming pool space. Illinois river float trip cabins are provided by outfitters to meet travelers' needs. Illinois river float trip you can use as a place to rest for a moment. You have to know about Ilinois river float trip cost

Rafts Ilinois river float trip cost

Trip A for 2-4 Hours - $25.00 per person Trip B for 3-6 hours - $29.00 per person

Canoes Ilinois river float trip cost

Trip A for 2-4 Hours - $22.00 per person Trip B for 3-6 hours - $25.00 per person

Kayaks Ilinois river float trip cost

Trip A for 2-3 Hours - $26.00 per person Trip B fo 3-5 hours - $29.00 per person

Type for Exceptionally Nice A-Frame Cabins

  • 2 Bedroom Log A-Frame Cabins with Kitchen
  • All Wood inside
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Private Deck with Picnic Table and Charcoal Grill
  • Price: 1 to 4 People: $160.00 plus tax per night
  • Minimum 2 night stay on weekends
  • Guests provide their own cookware, etc. For Kitchen
  • War Eagle Campground
  • Electrical hookups with water
  • Bath Rooms
  • No double A/C RV Sites
  • No Generators
  • 5 Night Maximum
  • * Rate: Starting at $20.00 per car per night
Let’s order, dude!

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Historic National Academy of Science Building

Historic National Academy of Science Building - The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) was established in 1863 via a charter signed by President Abraham Lincoln, “to investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science or art.” This not-for-profit organization is said to conduct over two hundred studies a year on various subjects. The first study that was undertaken by the organization on April 22, 1863 was the riveting task of measuring the “uniformity of weights, measures, and coins, considered in relation to domestic and international commerce.”

Historic National Academy of Science Building
National Academy of Science
Past and current members have included more than one hundred twenty Nobel Peace Prize winners and famed scientists such as Noam Chomsky (“Father of Modern Linguistics”), Jacques Cousteau (famous oceanographer and explorer), Thomas Edison (noted inventor of 1,093 patented devices including the light bulb), and Albert Einstein. Members of NAS must be voted in and it is considered one of the highest honors of achievement for a scientist to be nominated.

If accepted, scientists are initiated for life. A full listing of past and present members is available on the NAS website and provides a fascinating insight as to the amount of genius that graces the hall of this building on occasion (

The National Academy of Sciences is housed within a neoclassical building that stands three-stories tall and is constructed of a white New York Dover marble. The building was designed by architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue who sadly died just a few days before the building’s unveiling in 1924. If you glance amongst the windows of the building along its front façade you will notice a series of eight-foot low-relief bronze panels.

These were sculpted by Lee Lawrie (who also sculpted the magnificent reredos within St. Thomas Church in New York City) and are said to represent the likes of Aristotle, Galileo, Descartes, and Benjamin Franklin amongst others. The most eye-catching element outside of the National Academy of sciences, however, is a twenty-one foot bronze statue hidden slightly away by a grove of elm and holly trees. The statue dedicated to Albert Einstein was sculpted by Robert Berks and weighs nearly four tons.