Thursday, July 7, 2011

Iwalked Boston’s Freedom Trail - The Freedom Trail is Boston’s most famous and historic walking trail. It was the product of a Boston columnist by the name of Bill Schofield who came up with the idea in March of 1951 in an article in the Evening Traveler. After much promotion, the city formally implemented the trail in June of 1951, although the red paved path was not added until 1958.

Boston’s Freedom Trail
Boston’s Freedom Trail
This brick-paved or red painted path extends approximately 2.5 miles throughout the city and connects seventeen historical sites related to the American Revolution. Those sites include:

1. The Boston Common
2. The Massachusetts State House
3. Park Street Church
4. Granary Burying Ground
5. King’s Chapel
6. King’s Chapel Burying Ground
7. Benjamin Franklin Statue & Old Latin School
8. Old Corner Book Store
9. Old South Meeting House
10. Old State House
11. Site of the Boston Massacre
12. Faneuil Hall
13. Paul Revere House
14. The Old North Church
15. Copp’s Hill Burying Ground
16. Bunker Hill Monument
17. U.S.S. Constitution

Just a tip, of these seventeen sites, while only three advertise admission fees (the Old South Meeting House, the Old State House and Paul Revere House) you may be expected to provide a donation at some of the churches (including Kings Chapel and the Old North Church).

Parkman Plaza within the Boston Common is the official starting point for the Boston Freedom Trail. Within the Visitors Center (which opened in 1966) you can pick up a free map if you wish to do a self-guided tour. Per the Freedom Trail website it is estimated that some 500,000 maps are disbursed annually.

From the Visitors Center you may also join a guided tour led by individuals in 18th century costumes. The guided tours are usually about an hour and a half, although if you really wish to spend time at even a handful of the sites, I would allow yourself a majority of a day to do so.

One final option on doing the Freedom Trail is if you go to their official website you can download an audio tour which provides full theatre to each of the attractions.

  • Website:
  • Address: Boston Common, Boston, MA. Trail begins at Parkman Plaza. Near the intersection of Tremont Street and West Street.
  • Cost: Free.