Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Iwalked New York City’s Waverly Inn

Iwalked New York City’s Waverly Inn - One only needs to stroll through the once bohemian neighborhood of the Village to really understand how much it has really changed. This change is clearly illustrated via the uber trendy Waverly Inn located on Bank Street. On any given day you can find celebrities coming in and out of this locale to enjoy assumingly top end hamburgers priced at $20+. How do “you” get in? Well, good luck with that. One thing is for certain, you won’t be calling for a reservation any time soon as the Waverly does not claim to have a phone, or at least publish one, apparently adding to its mystique.

Waverly Inn
Waverly Inn

A mystique that is further heightened by its refusal to allow for any media to take photographs of its interior. Within the Waverly its ambience is said to be a dimly lit room decorated with various knick-knacks such as old book volumes and historical photos. Along the dining room is also a mural painted by artist Edward Sorel. Depicted within the mural are 43 famous figures from the Village’s past such as Jack Kerourac, Walt Whitman, Dylan Thomas, and Bob Dylan. Edward Sorel, if you are unfamiliar, is a noted artist whose work often frequents The New Yorker magazine.

The Waverly has been around in various forms since 1920 and currently resides within a building at 16 Bank Street which dates back to 1844. Through the years the site of the Waverly has been home to a variety of businesses including a tavern, bordello, and carriage house before taking on its present form.

One guest who has managed access to the Waverly and has actually taken up residence is the ghost said to frequent the former smoking room in Room 16. This mischievous waistcoat-cloaked spirit has been known for its critical eye for furniture placement as it seems to have a taste for moving items within the room rather frequently. The tenant ghost does have the presence to take care of its space though as demonstrated via a fire which occurred at the Waverly a few days before Christmas in 1997. The Waverly faced substantial damage from the fire, less this one room, which appeared nearly unharmed.

Address: 16 Bank Street, New York City
Cost: Free to walk past and stalk celebrities. Food/drinks inside are not.
Hours: Sun-Mon 6pm-11:45pm; Tue-Sat 6pm-12:45am