Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iwalked New York City’s Riverside Park

Iwalked New York City’s Riverside Park - I personally think of Riverside Park as Central Park’s bastardized twin in the sense that it is every bit as elegant however, receives none of the same recognition as its peer. Although it is a bit narrower, Riverside Park is longer and stretches for four miles along the Hudson River from West 72nd Street to 158th Street (versus Central Park’s 2.5 mile stretch from 59th Street to 110th).
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Ironically the initial idea and proposal for Riverside Park even came from the same man who designed Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted. Olmsted provided his plans to the city in 1875 and construction began on the park five years later. The upper terrace section and the picturesque street with which it runs parallel (Riverside Drive) were actually both a part of Olmsted’s original design.

Overall the park contains three terraced levels including a promenade. These lower levels are perhaps the most frequented due to their trails along the Hudson River. In all, one hundred thirty-four acres of space was added in 1937-1941 based upon designs provided by Gillmore D. Clarke and Clinton Lloyd.