Sunday, November 27, 2011

Iwalked New York City’s Stone Street

Iwalked New York City’s Stone Street - Stone Street is probably my favorite stretch of Lower Manhattan and if you choose to visit this site I’m sure you’ll see why. This narrow, cobblestone path was developed by the Dutch in 1656. In addition to the low-rise architecture you will also get swept back in time via other dated elements such as the old street lamps dotted along the street. Originally many of these buildings in this area were home to brewers and dry-goods merchants.

Stone Street
Stone Street
Its proud name served as a gentle reminder that this was the first paved path in all of New York. It originated under the name of High Street before the English changed it to Duke Street and finally settling on Stone Street in 1794.

If you looked at a map of this area you will notice that there are actually two separate stretches of Stone Street. The street was split as part of the construction of the Goldman Sachs building at 85 Broad Street in the 1980s.
Many of the existing Greek-Revival buildings are replacement structures from the originals which existed in this area. Nearly all of the houses along this row were built immediately following the Great Fire of 1835 (in 1836) and served as counting houses. Nowadays they serve as popular restaurants and pubs. Unfortunately not even the stone on which you are currently walking is per the original path, as these stones have also had to undergo replacement.

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  • Address: Stone Street, New York City, NY
  • Cost: Free to visit. Pubs and restaurants are not.