Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Iwalked New York Citys Morgan Court aka Sliver Building


Morgan Court aka Sliver Building - Movie fans, or perhaps more specifically Sharon Stone stalking fans, will no doubt recall the red brick tower located at 211 Madison Avenue. This 32-story apartment that was erected in 1984 by Liebman, Liebman & Associates, while recognized to most New Yorkers as Morgan Court, is known by many as the “Sliver” building. Although the 1993 movie portrayed the home of Sharon Stone’s character (Carly Norris) as residing at 113 East 38th Street (just two block south and one block west of here), it was this building which actually served as the exterior shown in the movie.

Morgan Court aka Sliver Building
Morgan Court aka Sliver Building
Ironically other “Sliver” buildings such as this were not uncommon in Manhattan in the late 1980s as over-eager developers tried to fit tall, narrow high-rises into whatever plots of land they could. Here at 211 Madison Avenue, for instance, Morgan Court measures only thirty-three feet wide by one hundred feet long. The sliver buildings that were successful in being built were highly unpopular for obvious reasons.

Shortly after Morgan Court was constructed activists were successful in preventing the further spread of these rather uninviting structures when they convinced the city of New York to develop new zoning restrictions which prohibited any additional “Slivers” from getting under people’s skin.