Saturday, December 19, 2015

Iwalked New York City's Ellis Island

Iwalked New York City's Ellis Island - Neighboring nearby Liberty Island (home to the Statue of Liberty) is Ellis Island, the long-time point of origin for millions of immigrants from 1892 to 1954. Between twelve and seventeen million people passed through Ellis Island during this period. It is also said that 40-50% of Americans can trace their roots to an ancestor who entered the country via Ellis Island. Not all immigrant arrivals had to be processed through Ellis Island though. Approximately 30% of people were able to be processed right on board their own ship. This was limited of course to patrons who could afford the first-class status ticket.

Ellis Island
Ellis Island

Myths of Ellis Island

There are two popular myths or misconceptions which often surround Ellis Island. The first surrounds a misconception that many individuals changed or were even forced to change their names upon entry into the country. Audits of Ellis Island records have proven this to be false and the amount of names not translated 100% accurately was found to be extremely low. The second largest myth surrounds a supposed large number of immigrants who were denied entry due to disease and illness. Again, subsequent reviews in the recent past have shown that this instance was extremely rare and occurred on less than 4% of persons.

Today if you visit Ellis Island it has been transformed into a museum, titled the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. This 3-story museum tells the tale of countless individuals who passed through its hallowed halls and is definitely worth the experience. To get to Ellis Island or Liberty Island you actually need to purchase tickets at Castle Clinton in Battery Park.

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