Saturday, February 25, 2017

Iwalked Boston Common Event Today – Park Street Subway

Iwalked Boston Common Event Today – Park Street Subway - While the reminders of our nation’s first subway may be gentle, the launching of the first subway car on September 1, 1897 opened a whole new avenue of transportation for Americans (pun intended). The first subway line ran from this location up to nearby Boylston Station just .19 miles (about 1000 feet) away. If you can imagine, there were actually four rail stops along this short path of which I can just hear the commuter cries if that were still in place today.

Boston Common Event Today – Park Street Subway
Park Street Subway

Now when our subway system opened its merits were not sold on all individuals. There were numerous skeptics whom feared the underground railway would lead to the buildings in this area collapsing. Fortunately the neigh-sayers were proven wrong and we still have our Park Street T-Station with us today.

The Boston T system, if you are unfamiliar, refers to their subway system. This is similar to how individuals in Chicago refer to their rail system as the ‘L’. Now while it is fun to think that the name of the rail system cleverly references historical events from Boston’s past, unfortunately, the reality is that it just simply stands for the term “Transit.”

There is a historical marker on the back of the subway exit nearest Tremont Street if you wish to view more details as to the station. Also outside of the station is a four-sided kiosk or marker with some additional history on the Boston Common if you wish to view this as well.