Sunday, March 5, 2017

Guideline to Pick Perfect Suitcase Sizes for International Travel

Perfect Suitcase Sizes for International Travel - What seems to be suitable suitcase sizes for international travel? This would depend on several things to consider while planning for travelling abroad. Basically, the suitcase must be strong, durable, and stylish to handle everything needed inside. Material can become concern too. Whether it is polyester, nylon, and polycarbonate, they all have pluses and drawbacks. What about size? There must be a guideline to choose the right size for the suitcase.

Suitcase Sizes for International Travel
Suitcase Sizes for International Travel

Choosing Perfect Suitcase Sizes for International Travel

The first is 18”-20” carry-on luggage. Most international flights within 1-2 days, it is enough and good to consider as perfect suitcase sizes for international travel. There would be enough space for packing few attires, one pair of shoes, and toiletries as common equipments for travelling. Second, there is 21”-22” carry-on luggage. Just as most US domestic flight with restriction of dimension 22” x 14” x 9”, it is suitable for weekend trip. In this size, it is usually designed with foldout or removable garment sleeve and additional inches for extra capacity.

It is enough to pack few outfits, couple pairs of shoes, and toiletries. On third list, it is about 23”-24” small checked luggage. Suitcase sizes for international flights are lighter and smaller luggage to check compared to usual luggage. However, it is too big to carry into the plane. With the size, it is ideal to use for 3-5 days trip. With removable garment sleeve, it is great to add spaces of 2 suits or dresses and shoes. Next, it comes to 25”-27” checked luggage. The suitcase sizes for international travel can be considered as the most popular size for traveler to pack 5-7 days trip. More outfits, shoes, and toiletries are accommodated by using this size.

Fifth list is 28”-32” checked luggage. It is meant to use for more than one weekend trip with weight which can exceed 50 lbs. Travelling with joy is perfect due to the larger size. In this type of suitcase, it has restrictions of 64” linear inches for US airline. In the biggest piece for luggage capacity, this suitcase sizes for international travel would be perfect to choose. It is specifically perfect for tall travelers who are about 6’and more. Moreover, people who need ample space will need this bag sizes for international travel.

For adults, 24 inches maybe too small so 28”-32” inches range would be the perfect one. Then, where to buy the suitcase sizes for international travel? People will always get some options of all suitcase sizes. It could be from official website or store of favorite brand and popular online sites as in Amazon and overstock. Some department stores also provide to ensure the product like walmart and target. It seems incomplete where it does not talk about popular brands of luggage sizes for international flights. They are Travelpro, Samsonite, Dalsey, Tumi, Hartmann, and more.

There are small helpful tips to consider when purchasing suitcase sizes for international travel. Choose the one with bright color. It is easily to spot on the baggage carousel. However, it is just okay to choose darker shade if there is no matter coming when looking for own luggage. Compare the style of interior and exterior of some models as liking as well as pouches and pockets embedded. Test it if it is possible by walking around and see if the handle is convenient and long enough. In case of online purchase, order it at least one month before doing the trip to give time to send back when there are some physical defects or all other problems