Sunday, April 16, 2017

Iwalked Boston’S Public Garden Good Will Hunting Bench

I Walked Boston’S Public Garden Good Will Hunting Bench - Thousands of people come to Boston’s Public Garden every year attempting to relive or recreate the infamous “bench” scene from the 1997 movie starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting. If YOU wish to sit upon a former movie proper what you need to do descends down the stairs from the lagoon bridge before crossing over it (on the south side of the lagoon). Walk along the path beside the water and look for the third backless bench on the left.

Public Garden Good Will Hunting Bench
Public Garden Good Will Hunting Bench
In the movie scene Robin Williams character, Sean, provides Matt Damon (I. e. -Will) with some sound advice on love. This part you may already know. What you may NOT have noticed is that just prior to the 2 characters venturing to this particular point, Will invites Sean to take a “quick” walk from the classroom. Now, the classroom where Will instructs is portrayed at Bunker Hill Community College. While for some people a 45 minute walk from Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown in the Boston Public Garden may be a short leisurely stroll, I’m not certain that this is quite what the directors had in mind.

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