Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Walked Pomander Walk NYC

Pomander Walk NYC is a tiny private cooperative apartment complex that is unfortunately gated off, however, we are afforded a well worthwhile vantage from the street. This series of town houses is often described as a tiny Tudor village that is reminiscent of old London mews.

Pomander Walk NYC
Pomander Walk NYC
The two-story buildings are a true throwback with their mix of brick, stucco and half-timbering. They were conceptualized by developer Thomas Healy, who hired the firm of King & Campbell to recreate the homes within the early 20th century play, Pomander Walk NYC. In 1921 a series of twenty-seven buildings were built around a romantic courtyard accessible only by the gated entrances on both West 95th and West 94th. Now, Healy had really only meant these structures to be a temporary construction which he would later raze and construct a more economically advantageous hotel. However, Healy passed away in 1927 and fortunately for us, never had a chance to fulfill that desire.

Because of its unique charm the Tudor style block has been a popular destination sought for by many New Yorkers. In 2005 and 2006 a series of two-bedroom units sold for $610,000 and $725,000 each. While these apartments have some obvious time-preserved charm such as exterior dumbwaiters used for garbage, they have been documented as dark and tiny with tenants face challenges such as antiquated plumbing. In addition, to get out of owning a property within Pomander Walk NYC, individuals are also required to forfeit a 15 percent flip tax as part of the sale.
As mentioned before, however, these aspects have not deterred a long list of persons anxiously awaiting for the next moment that one of these properties goes on sale. One famous tenant who used to reside here for a period was none other than Humphrey Bogart.