Friday, June 16, 2017

I Walked Boston's Common Parkman Plaza

Parkman Plaza is a second dedication to Dr. George Parkman within the Boston Common (the Parkman Bandstand being the first). Parkman Plaza was officially dedicated in 1960. The plaza consists of a cement semi-circular space that contains three statues and is also the home to the Visitor Center where the Boston Freedom Trail begins.

You may read more about the Boston Freedom Trail and the Visitor Center which provides free maps for the trail here. In regards to the statues which surround the plaza, each was dedicated in 1961. Each statue is said to celebrate a different aspect of Boston.

Parkman Plaza
Parkman Plaza
The statue on the south side of the plaza is said to celebrate Boston’s Religious energy. The statue consists of a boy kneeling with outstretched arms, palms up and looking up to the sky as if in prayer or in search of spiritual guidance.

The statue on the west side of the plaza (and nearest the Visitor Center) is a figure celebrating Industry. Here there appears to be a man drilling into some object which he has straddled between his legs.

The statue on the north side of the plaza has the name of Learning across the bottom of it. Here we see another young man sitting atop a globe while reading a book.

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  • Address: Boston Common, Boston, MA. Near the intersection of Tremont Street and West Street.
  • Cost: Free.