Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Walked New York City's 1840s Semi-Suburban Home

Outside of the three-story home at number 152 East 38th Street you will no doubt notice a historical plaque that identifies this house, that is pushed back from the street a bit, was originally built in the 1840s. Famous residents have included the widow of the former eighth President of the United States, Martin Van Buren.

The building was remodeled from a period of 1934-1936 in the Federal Revival Style and during that time the property was subdivided into a home and office space (hence the two addresses on the low cement wall exterior). In addition, a one-story wall was built to divide the front yard, an ornate iron fence added (complete with sea shell ornamentation atop it), and the owner also had his grandchildren add their handprints in the sidewalk.

1840s Semi-Suburban Home

Sadly the most drastic of these alterations though was the erection of a gateway to hide the offices from street view. This home is a rare example of properties that are actually pushed back from the street within this area. It is unfortunate that we’re unable to have more insight as to other subtle differences, but it still warrants some of our attention for the variety it offers within the side streets of Midtown.

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